Haydn - 'Missa Sancti Nicolai'

Experience the sparkling music of Haydn in the Missa Sancti Nicolai, written as a gesture of thanks to Prince Nikolaus Esterhazy for taking the hint dropped in the 'Farewell' Symphony, and the effervescent 'Trumpet Concerto', composed for his friend Anton Weidinger to play on his ground-breaking keyed trumpet, both works full of this composer's characteristic wit and invention.

The concert will also feature the first performance of 'A Certain Everlasting Polyphony' by Nicholas O'Neill, the Parliament Choir's Composer-in-Residence, setting a text by the renowned astronomer Johannes Kepler in which he describes how the music of the universe finds its expression in choral singing.

Read or download the flyer for the concert below.

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